Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Spiritually Conscious Living in an Awakened World
Enlightenment Journal is published quarterly by the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment to provide teachings, inspiration and practical support for seekers of Self- and God-realization. Our motto: “Everyday, enlightenment,” affirms the certain destiny of all people to realize their essential nature, express their innate potential and live joyously in freedom.
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Summer 2017

NEW from Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian – An exquisite collection of poems inspired by the ancient teachings of yoga.

“The moon, shining in many of the poems, became the perfect reminder of the divine light reflected in our days and nights, hearts and minds. The arc of the work—from transformation to the realization of oneness—is the prayer of this work and the purview of its poetry. These poems are my humble attempt to put that into words, what I know or suspect but cannot say. I offer them at your lotus feet.”

-Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian
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Drawn from the well of ancient Vedic wisdom and brought into the context of our 21st-century lives, every page offers an irresistible invitation to live the awakened life—to discover the true happiness and fulfillment that naturally accompanies realization of our essential Self. Over twenty themes include The Soul-Guided Life; The Flowering of Self-Knowledge; Inner Peace and Life Well Lived; and Everyday Enlightenment.

Living for the Sake of the Soul can be helpful to all readers who sincerely endeavor to live effectively and fervently aspire to be spiritually enlightened. –Roy Eugene Davis, from the Foreword.
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