How To Meditate

Set the intention from the beginning that the quality of your life is important to you.

Establish a regular time that is for your meditation practice alone. It is advised that it be the same time each day.

Begin with sitting for 10 to 20 minutes.  The morning is an ideal time to meditate. Your mind will most likely be still and not yet involved with activities and responsibilities of the day. You’ll be in prime condition for meditation: refreshed, awake and able to remain alert. Drowsiness is often the primary challenge for beginning meditators.


MC900382600-1Begin by finding a comfortable, upright posture with your spine straight and body relaxed.  Place your hands comfortably in your lap. Make sure you are comfortable enough to sit without moving.  When the body moves, the mind moves.

Gently withdraw your attention from your surroundings by closing your eyes and become inwardly attentive.

Focus your attention on your breathing, noticing the quality of your breath as it flows in and out of your nostrils. Feel the coolness as you breathe in and the warmth as you breathe out.  Breathe normally.

Let go of any tension. Allow the muscles in your face and around your eyes to relax. Relax your entire body.

Direct your inner gaze to the point between and just above the eyebrows. This will focus your attention into the upper region of the brain and improve your ability to concentrate. Let your attention rest there.

After a time, simply allow your attention to flow toward the spiritual eye and using your imagination, feel as if your breath is moving through the spiritual eye.

Man Closing EyesLook and listen within. Let thoughts pass. Observe your thoughts, and then let them go. Do not get caught up in them. When the mind becomes quiet, remain in the peace of meditation for as long as you can.

When you are ready to end your time of meditation, feel that your mind is clear and bright. Invite that vitality into your body.

Allow your time of meditation to set the tone for your day. Affirm that the peace you’ve experienced will overflow from you and improve your interactions, bring clarity and focus to your mind, contributing to world peace.

To conclude, return your attention to your surroundings and become grounded in your body prior to beginning your daily activities.

Have a glass of water, or a bite to eat. Do not get into your car or operate any machinery until you are fully present. You will be in an altered state just after meditation.

Return to this practice daily, for the rest of your life.
Be happy and grateful.


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